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Mr. Pitner is not only a skilled writer and commentator; he also presents and discusses his subjects with great accessibility and engagement. He expertly connected with my students while elevating the classroom dynamics and subject matter. More importantly, many of my students remarked specifically on Mr. Pitner’s ability to inspire them to think more creatively and critically about political rhetoric and the effects of politics on their lives. Mr. Pinter’s insightful, timely, and dynamic presentations were a welcome addition in academia.

Mary Katherine Mason, Advanced Teaching Fellow, Georgia State University


Barrett has a keen sense of humor, and a way of engaging people that is both laid back and completely serious at the same time. He is able to provide a fresh and illuminating perspective on issues of race, politics, the media, and contemporary cultural issues. I have seen him work with college students and with corporate executives, and in each case he has been able to speak – and listen – in a way that allows people to have discussions they would not have otherwise been able to have.

Paul Hirsch, PhD., Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Studies, SUNY-ESF


Barrett was kind enough to speak directly with my students from my seminar course. The course was about the interaction of pop culture and politics so having the students read his work and then have the opportunity to interact him was invaluable. He was incredibly insightful and had a very natural presence and ability to interact with college students. The students were able to take away so much from just that one single conversation with  him. Not to mention, some of the best work we can do as faculty is to expose our students to talented individuals across multiple industries. After that class, students continued to reference Barrett's work and our conversation that day. It was definitely our best class of the semester. Would love to have him do more work with our students.

Paul J. Rodriguez, Ed.D., University of Texas at San Antonio