Welcome to my website. I am the founder of The Sustainable Culture Lab, and my work focuses on combatting ethnocide and creating eutopian (not utopian) practices.

I am a philosopher, writer, journalist, and filmmaker focusing on race, culture and politics. In 2018, I began production on my first feature-length documentary Altars: A Cross-Cultural Day of the Dead. This film builds upon my friendships and connections within America’s Latino/a community, experiences as a Black man in America, journalistic work, and background in filmmaking.

Prior to embarking on Altars, I have been a contributing columnist for The Daily Beast, The BBC, The GuardianThe Daily Dot, The Huffington Post, and other publications.

In addition to my printed work, I also appear on political news shows including Hardball with Chris Matthews, and Morning Joe on MSNBC, The Diane Rehm Show on NPR, The Hard Line with Ed Berliner on NewsmaxTV, and many more.

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